Google unveils new gaming platform Stadia

Stadia aims to challenge console and PC gaming. The platform is cloud-based and will run solely on streaming, saving users from purchasing consoles or computers. Read more...

Apple's clever (and kind of risky) plan to dominate the week before its big event

After years of doing things one way, Apple is changing things up a bit. The company has a special broadcast planned for Monday, but instead of dropping everything at once, it’s been releasing a steady trickle of hardware news all week. 

9-year-old boy makes amazing portrait of Tom Brady out of Rubik's cubes

Many people are Patriots fans, but few turn that love into pointillist portraiture.

Bear Grylls' new interactive series coming to Netflix soon

Netflix to launch a new interactive series called "You vs. Wild." The 8-episode series is a spinoff of Bear Grylls' show, "Man vs. Wild." Viewers will have to choose Grylls’ survival decisions. Read more...

Robert Downey Jr. sparks 'Avengers' battle over who has the best 'stache

Robert Downey Jrmustache Twitter a very important question. 

Theranos screwed up legit blood test innovations for everybody

Theranos is dead. 
But will the dream of a device that can analyze multiple health factors from a small amount of blood be buried along with it?

Top U.S. gaming platforms, state by state

PCMag surveyed preferred gaming platforms across the United States. Xbox took the top spot in 27 states with 31 percent overall. PlayStation and Nintendo each won 10 states with 28 percent and 21 percent, respectively. The other 20 percent of respondents were PC gamers. Read more...

10 of the best snack subscription boxes according to reviewers

Contrary to what you might have grown up hearing, snacking can actually be good for you if you do it right. Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day can keep your metabolism revved up and help normalize blood sugar, according to Everyday Health. That basically gives you permission to indulge your munchies whenever you want (with limitations, of course). 

Mindy Kaling autobiographical teen series coming to Netflix

Netflix is getting into the Mindy Kaling business. The streaming platform has ordered a 10-episode coming-of-age comedy based on her teenage life.

Epic Games store titles, including exclusives, headed to Humble Store

Epic Games Store titles are branching out.

'I'm baby' is the new 'they did surgery on a grape' and it's beautiful

In better news, a beautifully meaningless meme is on the rise. And did you know I'm baby?

Volvo will be able to watch you drive and pull over if you seem distracted

Eyes off the road? As soon as next year, Volvo’s cars will be able to pull over automatically — thanks to cameras that watch you as you drive.

Sophie Turner chugging wine on a Jumbotron is deeply inspiring

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner (also known as Sansa Stark) dabbed then chugged a glass of red wine at a Rangers game Tuesday night. She was holding a Juul at the time. Also, this all happened while she was on the Jumbotron.

Website secretly livestreamed 1,600 unwitting hotel guests for paying members

No, you're not being paranoid. 
Four individuals have been arrested for a scheme allegedly involving spy cams in 42 motel rooms across South Korea and the livestreaming of up to 1,600 unwitting guests. The intended audience, however, was much larger than just those four — a website broadcast the videos to its over 4,000 members, at least some of whom paid for access. 

Ford goes all in on autonomous vehicles with new factory

Ford hasn't shied away from the prospect of robo-cars. 

Galaxy Buds: Better Than AirPods?


Dyson’s new V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum is sleek, powerful, and surprisingly fun

The future of vacuuming is cordless.
A year after halting all new designs of its wired stand-up vacuums, Dyson has made good on its promise to only introduce new cordless dirt busters. 

Jack Dorsey is recruiting his own personal bitcoin posse

If reporting directly to an eccentric billionaire and getting paid in bitcoin sounds like your cup of tea, then does Jack Dorsey have an offer for you. 

These 10 Google Chrome extensions will make your life easier

One of the best and worst things about Google Chrome is the amount of browser extensions you can find in the Chrome store. It's the best because it gives users almost limitless ways to improve their Chrome experience, but also it's the worst because you might not know how many great extensions you're missing out on if you never look for them.

Good news everyone, Logan Paul doesn't actually think the earth is flat

Logan Paul is many things, but thankfully he is not a flat earther.