Decorative walls, tight space makes Leopold’s a unique bar

REGINA — When Logan Richards walks into Leopold’s Tavern with his good friend, he can often hear the groans from other patrons. The duo always try to outdo each other to see who can play the saddest country song on the jukebox, much to the chagrin of other customers. It’s one of the reasons Richards […]

Cruising trips to prioritize in 2019

For cruise passengers, 2019 is shoring up to be a particularly exciting year. Not only are ships returning to places that have been perceived as politically sensitive in recent years — such as Turkey and Egypt — they’re also heading on increasingly remote voyages, to places that feel like the ends of the Earth. Here, […]
There’s a reason why your favourite soap operas dart off to a lavish location to shoot their most popular super couple’s weddings. After all, what’s more romantic than being swept away to a foreign location with the backdrop of romance and sun. (And you have a great excuse not to invite those peripheral people you […]

Mt. Hood Territory, lodge a Shining destination

Who can forget the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 cult classic horror film The Shining as a single car gradually climbs the forested foothills of the Cascade Range towards a snow-capped mountain in the distance. When the car finally arrives near the top of the mountain, there’s a shot of the fictional hotel called […]

Tips for your next cross-country skiing trip

BY WALTER NICKLIN Against the majestic backdrop of the Mont Blanc massif, I took a brief break in my workout, leaned on my ski poles and inhaled the solitary silence. Just a few miles away, the rest of my family was having fun on snowboards and downhill skis among the crowds, lifts and cable cars. […]

Teeth of the Dog golf course a bucket-lister

As you walk up to the teebox at the fifth hole of the legendary Teeth of the Dog golf course in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard not to breathe in the moment — with the ocean waves kissing the shore underneath a brilliant cerulean blue sky. On a piece of Caribbean land that’s got natural […]

Why airlines don’t want you to fly basic economy

When buying an airline ticket, the old days of choosing between coach and business are long gone. In the never-ending effort to pad thin margins, airlines have become more sophisticated merchants. They’ve created an array of travel options-particularly in the economy cabin-where a new, stripped-down fare awaits the most frugal travelers. They call it basic […]
Not all travel resorts are created equally. Case in point: The glamorous villas of Royal Hideaway Playacar near Cancun, Mexico. Perfectly located across the romantic Caribbean Sea and the northeast tip of Cozumel, the beachside oasis is an exclusive all-inclusive, adults-only experience very close to key points of interest such as Playa del Carmen. The destination […]

Swimming with the sharks in Mexico

LA PAZ, Mexico — For the past five years, Anna Cabo has been inviting visitors to this town on the Gulf of California to swim with the sharks. I don’t mean the ones I’m used to encountering as a political writer — the ones that could figuratively eat you alive. I’m referring to the whale shark, […]

Dining with stars in West Hollywood

When the lights go down and the cameras stop rolling in Tinseltown, celebrities head for the comfort of West Hollywood. Located at the base of the Hollywood Hills, WeHo is a compact, progressive city with bursting energy. It’s here you’ll find actors, singers, directors and powerful A-listers indulging in lively culinary adventures. With the dawn […]

Tracking history in Cranbrook, B.C.

Nestled in the valley between the Rockies and the Purcell Mountains, Cranbrook is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream vacation, where you can hike, bike and golf in summer or go snowmobiling and snowboarding in winter. But no matter the time of year, there’s plenty to do indoors as well, especially for history buffs. Visitors can travel […]

U.S. resorts moving family time from apres-ski to the slopes

Family time may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of terrifying downhill runs like Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Highland Bowl in Aspen, Colorado, or the Big Couloir at Big Sky, Montana. This is precisely why so many ski destinations celebrated for their daredevil Instagram feeds are ramping […]

Six great things to do on unspoiled paradise of Kauai

The steep jagged cliffs along Kauai’s Napali Coast plunge straight into the sea. Looking down on them from a helicopter, a sense of deja vu washes over me. This is my first visit to the island, yet the rugged landscape is strangely familiar. Perhaps it’s because scenes for more than 90 major films and TV […]
WHISTLER — Nestled into a crop of towering trees in one of Canada’s most popular skiing locales lies an astonishing collection of B.C. art. The picturesque village of Whistler is better known for its mountains and resorts than galleries, but the Audain Art Museum offers visitors a respite from the slopes and an opportunity to […]

Delve into the past aboard USS North Carolina

WILMINGTON, N.C. — The massive battleship is in fine shape for having been reportedly sunk six times during the Second World War. Hit just once by a Japanese submarine torpedo in 1942 — which killed five men — fast maneuvering and mending kept the USS North Carolina afloat and steaming to Hawaii for repairs. Back in the […]

Grand Canyon celebrates 100 years as national park in 2019

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The first European American who reached the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon marveled at what was before him: An astounding system of canyons, profound fissures and slender spires that seemingly tottered from their bases. The scenery wasn’t enough to convince Lt. Joseph Christmas Ives that anyone would visit after his group […]

Pack sports, brisket, history into a Dallas weekend

It’s rarefied air up here in section 453 of AT&T Stadium. My son, Alex, and I are in the nose-bleed cheap seats at the home of the Dallas Cowboys. But we aren’t griping that we’re so high above the action the players resemble ants. We’re hyped to be at a National Football League game in […]
There’s a lot about travel that has changed over the past 12 months — even if you were too fixated on your destination to notice. Here are the major highlights: Flights Went Farther Qantas Airways debuted its newest ultra-long-haul this spring: a flight from Perth to London. At 17 hours, it came close to breaking […]

England delights during Christmas

The temperature may have been a balmy 13C but England was in full winter wonderland mode when I visited earlier this month. Christmas time is an Instagrammer’s dream in London, with giant decorated Christmas trees, twinkling lights, elaborately decorated shops, outdoor skating rinks and cute Christmas markets at every turn. Cities and towns across England […]

Kimono-rickshaw tour embodies Asakusa’s charms in Tokyo

Tourists dressed in kimono and riding in rickshaws are a common sight in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. The slightly higher vantage point of a rickshaw lifts the spirits and can be a way to rediscover Asakusa’s charms. English, Chinese, Spanish – a symphony of languages can be heard around the Kaminarimon gate of Sensoji […]

Cruise with Viking for a taste of Russia

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Disembarking the Viking Star in St. Petersburg, I heard three words that made me do a double-take: “Welcome to Russia.” This was not my first time in Russia and — based on my first visit — the warm welcome at the port was unexpected. About 14 years ago, I arrived in […]