Bud Light debuts large nutrition label on packaging

Beer drinkers can't claim blissful ignorance for much longer.

At CES, Hyundai unveils car with legs that can walk and climb

Hyundai, the South Korea based automotive company, unveiled its latest innovation this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada — a car with legs that can walk and climb.
One of a kind.
A bad neighborhood isn't always obvious. Sometimes you need to do some digging to know if it's a community worth buying in.

Mom 'sickened' by 'racist' toy from son's Kinder Egg candy

One distressed parent said that she was "sickened" by the toy design.
“I would be willing to pay triple the cost for this necklace. I want to know as soon as there are more in stock so that I can order,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

Instagram account mocks terrible airplane food

Airline food isn’t known for its picture-perfect plates, but a new Instagram account is letting followers judge how good — or bad –an inflight meal is.
An Oklahoma family is counting their blessings after an intense fire charred their truck – but left their Bible untouched.
A Japanese baby girl whose impressive full head of hair caught international attention over the summer is now the face of a new Pantene ad — and her mother is sharing the secret to her daughter’s luscious locks.

Sears didn't think the 'average man' should drive fast

So it made a car that he couldn't.
It didn’t prove as popular as expected
Andy Wills claims he decided to pull a prank on the groom when he saw a friend taking photos nearby.
Laura, the blogger behind Knee Deep in Life, says she loves "how the post has brought a lot of women together in realizing we're all beautiful no matter our size."

San Diego bans Styrofoam against restaurant owners' wishes

The city council voted 6-3 in favor of the ban.
About time.
A job advertisement for an executive assistant role to a 28-year-old CEO in Melbourne has left people in disbelief over the ridiculous requirements.

Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire priced at $29,799

$270.9 per mile.
Second chance with a top team.
They also apologized for the "horrible comments."
Wait, so plain old soda doesn’t do it for her anymore?
National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith said the “extraordinary step” was necessary to protect parks and at least provide “limited” services to visitors.
Who doesn’t like free food?
A Virginia woman said she received a shocking gift over the holidays: more than 100 praying mantises had hatched in her home after the insects were brought in on her Christmas tree.
The unnamed bride explained that because both her and her fiance were mathematicians they planned to include multiple math references throughout the event.

Ford's new cop car is fast and frugal

Will chase you to the state line and back.

Hot toddies: Can this cocktail help your cold?

Who says alcohol isn't good for you?
No related injuries known.
This couple proved love truly can stand the test of time – and distance.
"Serve me fries serve me sweet little fries!”

New York law requires changing tables in men's bathrooms

Dads are no longer getting dumped on.